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So, a few days ago…New Year’s Eve…my wife and I were talking about resolutions. When you’re retired there really isn’t a lot of resolution-making to be had, but we were at least discussing the whole predicament.

If we were to make resolutions, what would those resolutions be? Would they, in fact be resolute? Or would they be half-hearted and meandering?

We could, of course, wish for continued happiness for ourselves. And for success and happiness for our children and their families. And, as all older people eventually do, we could wish for good health.

Which got us to talking.

We certainly don’t want to be sick. Or even have aches and pains. And certainly the absence of surgery would be a good thing.

But if we needed surgery what kind of surgery would be okay? Back surgery, or a hernia operation, or a transplant of some kind. Maybe a kidney transplant, we thought, might be okay. But not just any kidney. One that wouldn’t have to get up once or twice in the night to get relief.

Maybe heart surgery, but then that led us to a frivolous discussion about who has the biggest heart, and whose heart would be broken if the other’s heart was, in fact, broken. And how would the broken heart that was not the heart that was actually broken be fixed? We smlled.

Then we talked brain surgery and thought about the possibility of a brain transplant. Which led to all the aspects of who had only half a brain and could we share a brain, and who’s brain we might get, and does a new brain on an old body change what happens, or does my brain on a new body mean I’d be younger in the mind, or younger at heart, or just young and immature again.

And we thought about if she got a man’s brain and I got a woman’s brain, how would that all work. And, of course who want’s a new brain in an old body. And what if doctor’s found out that my brain really was in my ass and how would that work. Could I have two brains? And if I had two brains would I still sometimes act like I had half a brain?

And on and on and on.

And pretty soon the whole concept of making resolutions got lost in the laughter. And that was amazing. Because we realized we were achieving happiness. And that was enough.

So, if you made resolutions, do try to keep them. But if you just laughed about your resolutions? Well, that’s all right too.

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