Call this my foray into botany. In retirement plants and gardening have become somewhat of a vocation rather than a hobby for me. I have fallen prey, thanks to my wife, to the horticultural life.

In fact, let me tell you about one of my indoor plants, And rather than post a picture, I’m going to paint you a word picture. Better to understand the little guy.

I don’t actually know what kind of plant it is. It has speckled leaves, lots of them. It is in a small yellow ceramic pot that’s about 5 inches in diameter. The plant itself is about eight inches tall and is supported by being tied with string to a swizzle stick that I picked up at Olive Garden (keeping with the horticulture motif).

Before becoming exclusively mine it was a sad plant. It was in a smaller pot, had wilting and dying leaves and my wife talked constantly about its demise. She was even, at one very low point, in favor of discarding it. But, I stepped in and pleaded: “No, no, no, let me try. I’ll take it on. I’ll be its hero.”

And she said yes.

And that is all the little guy needed. A friend, a little love, a bright new pot, some new dirt and some fertilizer. And now, he’s flourishing.

Still wilts a little when he sees my wife, but otherwise he adores his renewed existence. And he has a new home by a sun drenched window.

Now, who says retirement doesn’t have its incredible rewards.

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